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Why People Chose Voodle as a Core Part of Their Communication Stack

It's Easy

Group streams with your team or send one-off messages outside your org quickly and easily with the tap of a button. Replies, comments, and shares are just as snappy.

It's Everywhere

With multiple integrations–like Slack and Teams–Voodles are accessible wherever team members are working, ensuring everyone is always up to date.

It's Context Rich

Say and show so much more in a short, segmented, transcribed, searchable video than in 15 minutes of writing an email or text-based chat message.


“Voodle has been a game-changer for how I communicate with my distributed team, my board, and any customer or contact. Between the ease of use and features focused on business utility–like transcripts, integrations, and stream organization–it’s a no brainer add-on to my communication stack.”

CEO, Leasable

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