Taking The Mystery Out of The Culture Challenge.

Mystery, a rapidly scaling tech startup, doubled down on Voodle to keep employees and ideas connected when it mattered most.

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Happy Customers Include:
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1 year. 2X employee growth. 3X the time zones. Multiple pivots.
Voodle was Mystery’s ticket to a thriving culture amidst big change.

It's Easy

Mystery team members create and share short, 60-second moments whenever and wherever the sharable ah-ha moments strike.

It's Everywhere

Keep culture at your fingertips. Because everyone has a phone and Voodle easily integrates into Mystery’s Slack workgroup.

It's Context Rich

Say so much more in a 60-second, transcribed, searchable video than you could say in 15 minutes of typing out an email or slack message.


“This is the best async experience out there that allows you to really get to know your people and feel a real human connection no matter where you are.”

CEO & founder, Mystery

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