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6 Tips for Hiring & Engaging High-Performance Teams with Video

Level up your hiring process with the best tips & tools

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Fighting the great resignation? Fight smarter, not harder.

You need a hiring process that meets the needs of your ideal candidates and ensures that they’re here to stay.

Sourcing, interviewing, and retaining top talent – Voodle’s short video gives you the competitive edge wherever you feel the pain.

This comprehensive playbook gives you:

  • Complete walkthrough of the best practices across the hiring continuum
  • Key data points that zero in on the pain points of each hiring stage 
  • Next-level tips to make your company stand out using short video
  • Sample scripts to simplify the recording process at each stage
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Don’t get caught by surprise. Get the hiring data you need.

This playbook breaks down latest data points across Sourcing, Screening, Interviewing, Closing, Onboarding, and Retaining top talent. It then directly connects this data to tangible action items for your company to capitalize at any stage of the hiring process.

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Let us walk you through the next level tips to use short video in hiring.

The playbook also includes specific scripts for each tip, to transform and humanize your efforts to build and retain a high-performing team. Use these scripts as an easy starting point to accent your company’s unique identity and deepen the connection with star candidates from the first touchpoint.

Use this Playbook to Win the War for Talent.

Candidates are seeking the right team, leader, and culture – not just the right job description. This playbook will walk through the best practices to authentically stand out and show off your company. Empower your hiring managers and teammates today to build a better future of work.


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